All our chocolate products are made by hand, the old fashioned way. It takes more time but we feel it’s that important. Handmade allows to make sure things are right. Handmade means each piece of chocolate that leaves our kitchens has our chocolatier’s artistic stamp on it. And it’s important to make sure they taste the best they can. There’s another reason too. By making our products by hand, we can add the passion and pride we have for our chocolates.

It’s kind of funny. What we do for us makes them really special for you. There are a lot of chocolate makers out there and even more chocolates. We have many people tell us that after they try ours, no other chocolate tastes as good. That testimonial is what drives us to make the best chocolate products we can.

We encourage you to try any of our chocolate products and see if you don’t agree. Just click the image below to browse our products.

Handmade, small batch caramel hand dipped in 34% milk chocolate.