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CocoBon Chocolatier offers five different collections of fine chocolate confections, as well as many different chocolate treats. Click on the pictures below to pick your favorites.

Coco du Vin wine & chocolate pairing kitCoco du Vin™

Now pair chocolate with wine like pro! Here’s our chocolate pairing kit for wine! Not only do we supply the chocolate, but we also provide a clear guide on which wines to use with the different chocolates, and other suggestions for adding food. You can even host your own wine and chocolate tasting party, with our easy-to-follow guide!

BigBitesCocoJava Bites
Gourmet coffee or espresso are combined with caramel, vanilla, and coffee flavors, then infused into dark or white chocolate to produce an almost addictive chocolate experience. Conveniently packaged in pocket-sized tins to take on the go. Available in three great flavors – Original, Espresso, and Cappuccino; purchase in sets of 6.

RipRapRip Rap
A delicious combination of whole grain cereals, nuts, and pretzels, covered in chocolate and our own special seasoning, this mix is a winner at parties, holiday celebrations, or for just plain snacking.
We add no preservatives, so it’s perfect for the kids after school! A great pick-me-up for anytime, day or night! 

Available in large 12 oz. bags, or smaller 1.8 oz. bags for on-the-go snacking.

Millie B’s Treats
One day, while going through some old cookbooks, a recipe for pralines fell out. This old family recipe started us down a truly decadent path! We started with a truly Southern praline, then Millie B’s recipe for Gourmet Bark was found. See what else her ideas inspire!

FusionLineSmCocoFusion Bars
CocoFusion is the infusion of flavors into chocolate. We present the best blends of our gourmet chocolate with natural organic flavors infused using our special process. Try one today!

MochaExpressSmDrinking Chocolate
Rich, warm, and flavorful. You’ve got to try this decadent Hot Chocolate drinking experience. We included cocoa, real chocolate, and exotic spices to make these great flavors.


CollectionSmOur Collections
Some classic combinations and some interesting twists. These collections offer the silkiest, smoothest cream centers bursting with flavors designed to compliment the decadent chocolate coatings.