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Growing up with a love for chocolate and a nearbmixednutsy candy company that made the good stuff helped us inspire our passion. The spark that got us going was when the chocolate company went out of business.

Our motto is, “Simple ingredients, simply prepared.” This means the finest ingredients prepared from scratch for the best possible flavor and texture. Taste the real thing and indulge your passion, too.

butterdesk02We use only the finest chocolate, the purest sugar, the freshest, richest dairy products we can find. We look for the finest nuts from local sources, wgranulated-sugarhen possible, and roast them ourselves to their peak of flavor.

These wholesome fresh ingredients are married together with the best quality flavorings we can find to bring you the finest, richest, best tasting chocolate confections you can imagine.

13 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Just had a Raspberry and Dark Chocolate bar that we bought at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery in Greenville. It was wonderful! Good job.

  2. I was given some of your chocolates , in a Christmas gift basket. My husband loved them and ate all of them. We live in Chattanooga and I would like to purchase some for his Valentine gift. Do any of our local stores carry your product? The zip code is 37421. Thanks!

  3. Sorry, we don’t have any retailers in that area. You are more than welcome to order through our website. Please feel free to ask your local specialty food store to carry our products, too. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. I’m sorry, Pat, but we don’t have any retailers in Chattanooga. We have one retailer in Dalton, GA, Chef’s Pantry, and one in Rome, GA – Twigs. If that’s not possible for you, please feel free to order here on our website. Have a great Valentine’s Day!

  5. I love the Coco Java Bites. Do you offer pick-up sales to the public? I only live a few miles from you and hate to pay $9.00 shipping for that little distance. Yes, I realize that you have other retail outlets in the area but their prices are considerably higher than on your website until you factor in the shipping @ $9.00 for six tins. Thanks for your response.

  6. Thanks for kind words. We hope you’ll try some of our other flavors as well!

  7. Purchased several Giant Paws from Whole Foods for co-workers Christmas gifts. Just ate one myself. Yum Yum

  8. Thanks for the kudos. Folks love our handmade small batch caramel. It’s all natural, gluten free and delicious. Happy Holidays and the best to you and yours for the new year.

  9. The Pendleton Area Business Association and the town of Pendleton are organizing a day-long festival for May 31, Saturday that we call “Pendleton Celebrates Summer!” Would you like to explore the possibility of offering your chocolates for sale at the festival? Please give me a call at (707) 326-7169 for more information. ……………. Lou Koppel

  10. Thanks for the Invitation! Our products are currently available at Mountain Made on the Pendleton Square. One of our goals is to support local small businesses that carry our products. Please visit Mountain Made to get our products Their nice air conditioned store keeps the chocolate from melting in the warm weather months.

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