Millie B’s Gourmet Bark


MB Gourmet BarkAfter digging further into Millie B’s notes, we found some ideas for some delectable treats. The pralines were perfect, so we had to try these. The next in our line of exclusive line of Millie B’s Treats™ is Millie B’s Gourmet Bark™. Made from chocolate, then broken up like almond bark or peanut brittle, these flavorful treats will impress even the most sophisticated palate.

8 oz. bag – $8.49

(We suggest a minimum order of 2 to save on shipping costs.)

Millie B’s Salt & Pepper Gourmet Bark™

We love to play with our chocolate. This time, we took one of Millie B’s ideas to a whole new level. We start with gourmet white chocolate, and dust with Mediterranean Sea Salt. Then, we layer it with an outstanding 72% dark chocolate, and lace the entire creation with ground black pepper. It creates an outstanding mix of flavors that just explode your mouth.

Millie B’s Cherry Berry Gourmet Bark™
Cherry Berry is a mix berries and nuts in our finest gourmet chocolate. With three kinds of berries – cherries, blueberries, and cranberries – and raspberry flavoring, you’re sure to love this combination. The final result is an explosion of flavors in your mouth – each bite different than the last. That’s what we like at CocoBon Chocolatier.

Millie B’s Blueberry Almond Gourmet Bark™
The name says it all – well, almost. With copious quantities of blueberries and chopped almonds throughout, this gourmet bark in milk chocolate is a perfect balance of fruit, nuts, and divinely rich milk chocolate. Millie B proves once again that she knows what she’s doing!

Cappuccino CocoJava Bites

Sold in quantities of 6 (@ $3.49 each). If requesting a combo, we’ll e-mail you within 24 hours of receiving your order.

6 tins – $20.94 (+shipping)

CappuccinoCappuccino CocoJava Bites ™
To round out our lineup, we present Cappuccino CocoJava Bites ™. We’ve blended a special roast gourmet espresso coffee with white chocolate. A little on the sweet side, this one is the smoothest and creamiest of our collection. We think we cover all the bases!

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