CocoJava Bites

MegaBites2We start with hand selected gourmet coffee, finely grind it and, using a special process, infuse the flavor into chocolate to produce an almost addictive chocolate and coffee experience.

They are all natural and gluten free!
Sold in quantities of 6 (@ $4.49 each). If requesting a combo, we’ll e-mail you within 24 hours of receiving your order.

6 tins – $26.94(+shipping)


OriginalOriginal CocoJava Bites ™

Our Original CocoJava Bites ™ get a twist on the classic coffee and chocolate combination. We’ve blended a medium roast gourmet coffee with dark chocolate, a hint of caramel, and vanilla to come up with an almost addictive chocolate experience.  The handy tin make them great for an afternoon pick-me-up! Keep a tin in your briefcase or purse, desk drawer, and a stash at home!

EspressoEspresso CocoJava Bites ™
We used the popular chocolate-covered espresso beans in styling the flavor of our Espresso CocoJava Bites ™. We started with specially selected gourmet espresso coffee, and infused it into our decadent dark chocolate. If you like chocolate-covered espresso beans, you’ll love these! Another great afternoon pick-me-up; keep some with you all day long!

CappuccinoCappuccino CocoJava Bites ™

To round out our lineup, we present Cappuccino CocoJava Bites ™. We’ve blended a special roast gourmet espresso coffee with white chocolate. A little on the sweet side, this one is the smoothest and creamiest of our collection. We think we cover all the bases!