Millie B’s Gourmet

Who Was Millie B?

As we began our journey down the confectionery road we continually looked for new recipes to try. Some times it’s best not to look for new things, but rather look to the old… With that in mind, one day while browsing our book shelf at home we ran across Aunt Hazel’s first 1928 cookbook we inherited when she passed away. Turning to the sweets section we discovered a couple of recipes that were hand written and attributed to one of Aunt Hazel’s good friends, “Millie B.”

We have no way of knowing who “Millie B.” was but she had some great recipes that we were able to adapt into our production environment. So, in tribute to her and her great recipes, we’ve named an entire line of products after her.

These products are more homespun and a little less gourmet, but boy are they good. We have a snack line, a popcorn line, seasonal fudges and chocolate barks. If you feel like trying something a little different that beckons back to the way things were done in the old days, check out some of the great ideas of “Millie B.” by clicking the image below.

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