Drinking Chocolate Sampler

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Rich, warm and flavorful. You’ve got to try this decadent hot chocolate experience. Styled after European sipping chocolate but crafted for the American palate, this decadent blend takes you back to the days when chocolate houses were as plentiful as coffee houses are today. The sampler has one, two serving packet of each of our five great flavors. A little goes a long way. Mix with your favorite style of milk. The five flavors are:

Dark Chocolate—Pure and simple it is dark drinking chocolate at its best.

Mocha Express—Rich deep chocolate flavor complemented by a hint of coffee.

Spiced Chocolate—Unusual and exotic the warm rich chocolate is complemented by the  unique spice blends we join together.

Butter Toffee—Made with our own handmade butter toffee and blended with dark chocolate.

Chocolate Mint—This is a classic with pure peppermint and dark chocolate.

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