16 Piece Father’s Day Collection

$ 29.95

Specially selected from our extensive offerings, this 16 piece collection of nine truffles and seven chocolates includes many of Dad’s favorite pieces. If Dad loves his chocolate as much as we do, you won’t go wrong with this fine collection. See below or details for the contents.


We wanted to design a collection with Dad in mind. So, we put together this special 16 piece collection of the man’s favorites. After selecting nine truffles and seven chocolates specifically for Dad, we packed it up in a box that says it all. Surprise Dad with this Father’s Day gift of chocolates he’ll really love.

SC CertifiedThe collection includes:Father's Day Gift

  • Peanut Butter Truffle in Milk Chocolate
  • Chocolate Cream in Milk Chocolate
  • Cordon Blue Truffle
  • German Chocolate Cake Truffle
  • Raspberry Truffle in Dark Chocolate
  • Starry Night Truffle
  • Salted Caramel in Dark Chocolate
  • Blackberry Truffle in Dark Chocolate
  • Chai Spice Truffle in Milk Chocolate
  • Cashew Cluster in Dark Chocolate
  • Pecan Pie Chocolate
  • Cuban Coffee Chocolate
  • Double Shot Latte Truffle
  • Bacon Truffle
  • Mayan Spice Truffle
  • Butter Toffee in Milk


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