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We’re often asked about our flavors. We’ve decided it’s time to list the flavors available every day in our shop. We can make many more but the most popular appear in our cases daily.  So, without further ado…

From the Top of the List – Our Flavor of the Month
May… Blueberry Blintz Truffle

And, Our Awesome Regular Flavors

Our Truffles...From Our Chocolates Case...
Raspberry Dark ChocolateSalted Caramel in Milk Chocolate
Himalayan Pink Salt Caramel TruffleSalted Caramel in Dark Chocolate
Double Shot LatteCuban Coffee
New York Cheese CakeCaramel in Milk Chocolate
German Chocolate Cake TruffleCaramel in Dark Chocolate
Dreamsicle TruffleMarshmallow in Milk Chocolate
Lavender Almond TruffleMarshmallow in Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate TruffleLemon Chiffon Cream
Milk Chocolate TruffleRaspberry Jelly in Dark Chocolate
Hazelnut Cream TruffleRaspberry Jelly in Milk Chocolate
Peppermint TrufflePeanut Butter Cream in Dark Chocolate
Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate TruffleAlmond Cluster in Milk Chocolate
Butterscotch TruffleChocolate Cover Cherry in Dark Chocolate
Blackberry Dark Chocolate TruffleChocolate Covered Cherry in Milk Chocolate
European Style Pralines (In Europe they call truffles Pralines)Butter Toffee in Dark Chocolate
Mayan Spice (kind'a hot)Butter Toffee in Milk Chocolate
Starry Night (72% dark chocolate)Peanut Cluster in Dark Chocolate
Caramel MacchiatoPeanut Cluster in Milk Chocolate
Crème Brûlée TruffleCranberry Walnut Cluster in Dark
Tiramisu TruffleCoconut Cream in Dark Chocolate
Pistachio Truffle in Milk ChocolatePecan Pie Semi Cordial in Milk Chocolate
Cookies & CreamCashew Cluster in Dark Chocolate
Key Lime TruffleCashew Cluster in Milk Chocolate
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough TruffleOrange Cream in Dark Chocolate
Brownie Truffle
Ginger Citrus Truffle
White Chocolate Macadamia
Palmetto Paws (you know them as Turtles®)
Peanut Butter Paw
Pecan Paw in Milk Chocolate
Pecan Paw in Dark Chocolate

If you have any suggestions for a flavor you crave, use the form below to make a suggestion. We do take these seriously and may try yours out as a Flavor of the Month!

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