Coco du Vin

Chocolate Kit for Wine Pairing

Chocolate is a natural when looking for foods that pair with wine. Just as with any wine pairing, you need the right chocolate to complement the wine. This is one of the key reasons people avoid pairing chocolate with wine. The majority of commercial chocolate is missing the complex flavor profiles and the gourmet qualities needed to enhance the tasting experience. That’s why we created Coco du Vin ™, our chocolate kit for pairing with wine.

The kit contains four different gourmet chocolates specially crafted and selected to pair beautifully with a wide selection of wines. We pride ourselves on our chocolates but the heart of the kit is a comprehensive pairing guide designed to help even novices discover the magic of flavor explosions from pairing chocolate with wine.

Why Chocolate With Wine? 

Just as each wine has its own flavor characteristics born from the weather conditions, soil, growing region and variety, so does chocolate. More goes into the making of the chocolate we buy than most people know. Most commercial chocolate is crafted using inexpensive cacao grown on large plantations. The cacao is generally selected to provide a consistent flavor profile from batch to batch and year to year.

Our chocolate has been selected for the enhanced flavors inherent in the particular variety and growing region. Just as the flavors in the wine can change from year to year, the flavors in the chocolate can change too.

Depending on the altitude, the soil composition, the processing of the cacao and the blending of the varieties, chocolate can have very distinct flavors that bring out the best in certain wines.

We’ve brought together some of the finest chocolates in the world and crafted them to enhance the flavor notes you’ll find in the recommended types of wines. These custom crafted chocolates simply bring out the flavors inherent in the wine when the pairing guidelines are followed.

We’ve taken it a step further by recommending foods that will further enhance the pairing experience. Simply by adding an additional food item, the entire tasting experience will change bringing out new levels of flavor often missed in a fine complex wine.

Try Coco du Vin ™ with your favorite wines and discover the new levels of flavor tasters are missing.

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