What Inspires Us…

When we look for inspiration, we turn to the things we love. At CocoBon Chocolatier that means we follow our passions. And our passion is chocolate. Our founder grew up loving the chocolate he got from the local manufacturer. In fact, it was his comfort food growing up. When that company went out of business in 2002 he knew he had to do something to get the chocolates he loved.

The inspiration came to him to make them himself. Making fine gourmet chocolates is not nearly as easy as it looks. After five years of study and practice, trial and error, and diligent hard work, he learned the skills of the art and was inspired by friends and family to open the doors of CocoBon Chocolatier. Growing and learning from these early days we realized working with the many local farmers and producers could help highlight the wonderful ingredients available in our own back yard.

This inspired us to create truffles made from goats milk. Working with a local goat dairy, in 2008 we submitted a truffle to the National Goat Dairy Association that won 1st place in the confectionery division. Today we only make goat milk based truffles by request but we still regularly work with other local providers of fruits, dairy and some of the nuts we use in our products.

Inspiration means planting, growing and harvesting ideas and eleven years of inspiration leads to many wonderful things. Try our products today and follow your own passion for chocolate. Click the image below to explore some options for our truffles.

Our National Award Winner
Our National Award Winner!